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March 20 letter to Parents |

March 20 letter to Parents



Dear Parents,

Elementary and Jr. Sr. high teachers have been in contact with you and/or your child  about your technological capacity to ensure we can meet the needs of your children. We thank you for your input and we have been working hard to contact students and parents in the beginning phase of our continuity plan. Elementary parents will be contacted by email and/or phone to inform you of the delivery approaches for these grade levels. Jr. and Sr. High students have been contacted through their school email and teachers have determined what method will work best  for students in each of the individual classes. If you have any concerns regarding this, please talk with your child and feel free to contact their teacher for further information. 

**PAT’s and Diploma Exams have been canceled**

Please refer to the following links for more information

Alberta Education - Continuing Student Learning

Three Hills School Website -

The educational continuity plan for Three Hills School is as follows:

  • Gr. K-3 programming will focus on literacy and numeracy. It will be delivered through parent email and/or paper copies

  • Gr.4-6 programming will have a primary focus on literacy and numeracy with some Science and Social. This will be delivered through student email, google classroom or paper copies.  Teachers will be in contact with you to verify the method that works for you and the grade level.

  • For students in grade 7-9, we will be focussing on the four core subject areas ( L.A., Math, Science’s and Social). For students in grade 12, we will be focussing on L.A, Social, Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our methods of delivery will be through their school email or Google Classroom.  If these two methods do not work, please contact your individual teacher to make arrangements to pick up paper copies. Teachers have been in contact with  students via Google Classroom and email throughout the week and have been in discussion with parents that may have issues in regards to technology. Please check with your student that they have replied to their teacher. If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher or the school at 403-443-5335 

Each teachers’ email address is

The school will remain open from 9:00- 3:30 during the week. Paper copy pick up and return will take place on Mondays in the common area. We will monitor the number of parents that are in this area at any given time in accordance with AHS recommendations regarding gatherings. All email and Google Classroom work will be sent out digitally on Monday morning. We will be beginning this process on Monday, March 23rd.

We are fully aware that families are feeling a great deal of stress these past few days. Our intent is to provide an opportunity for students to continue with their education during these trying times. All of us at Three Hills School care about your children and are here to support their emotional, social and academic development. From all of us we wish you the very best and look forward to continuing to be a part of your children's lives.

Todd Hoover


Three Hills School